Aroma Swift Client

The Official Swift and iOS Client to Aroma

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Aroma Swift Integration Guide

The Official Swift and iOS Client to Aroma


Aroma provides easy integration with Carthage.

github "RedRoma/AromaSwiftClient" "develop"


Import the Module

Add the following import statement wherever you use the Aroma Client.

import AromaSwiftClient

Setup the Token

Before you can send messages to Aroma, be sure to set the Application Token given when the App was provisioned from within the app.

The Token should look something like this:


Put this in your AppDelegate when the Application Loads.

AromaClient.TOKEN_ID = "abcdefgh-1234-474c-ae46-1234567890ab"

Send a Message

AromaClient.begin(withTitle: "Operation Failed")
    .addBody("Details: \(error)")
    .addBody("For User \(user)")

Best Practices

Send Important Messages

Try to only Send messages that are actually interesting. You don't want to bombard Aroma with too many diagnostic messages that are better suited for Logging.

Set the Urgency

Set an Urgency to each message. Think of Urgency like you would a Log Severity Level. Using them allows you and your team to know just how important a message is.

Project Source

Additional info on the Swift Client can be found by visiting the GitHub project.